Active Media Player Screen Saver

Active Media Player Screen Saver 3.20

Active Media Player Screen Saver brings live video to your desktop
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Active Media Player Screen Saver is definitely here to stay.
Many people do not consider it a "Pro" media player, but with this software, probably they will change their minds.
Would you like to watch live stream video on your PC?
Or do you prefer to watch different kinds of movies and movie clips?

Active Media Player Screen Saver brings live video to your desktop.

This amazing screen saver is something worth of being examined closely.
Its intuitive and easy to use interface will allow you to play almost everything using the well-known Windows Media Player.
Play live video streams of news, concerts, special events and more.
Would you like to play all your favorite MPGs too?
Well, it will play not only MPGs, but also AVI, ASF and WMV movie files.

The program has a lot of attractive features:
You can create a playlist of all the media clips stored in your hard disk, or select your favorite ones.
You can access all your local files, or even through a network or via Internet.
If you need to write some text about the clip, set it to marquee mode.
Set the sound ON or OFF, so you can view your videos in silence.

It will support multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German and Swedish.
You will surely use this screen saver a lot.

Fernando Soni
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